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Cybersecurity As A Service: The Future Linchpin

Thanks to the implosion of the internet, cybersecurity has come a long way. It's no more about Morris Worm in the late 1980s, anti-virus technologies in the late 1991s, and web application firewalls, intrusion prevention, database security, & data leakage prevention in the mid-2000s.

The increased speed, scale, breadth, and massive damages caused by threats, the advent of mobility, cloud, and stringent privacy & infosec guidelines coupled with increasing penetration of IT systems in multiple verticals have made CIOs & CISOs deploy & invest in proactive threat detection defense mechanism. This further necessitates every increasing cybersecurity budget and skilled manpower.

Before the pandemic, the cyber security team, CISO, and CIO were working in close collaboration. Utilizing afore-stared tools to ward off malicious attacks, leakages, and breaches. However, the situation has completely changed today. WFH, home Wi-Fi, hybrid working, BYOD, and shared devices have created a potentially highly insecure environment. The emergence of 5G, IoT, AI, edge computing, and others have necessitated higher focus and spending on technology, people, and processes to ensure cyber resilience. To address this, there is a dire need to improvise skillsets and functions.

The fracture point is—coupled with CISOs, today finance, IT, HR, and other management are also responsible custodians of enterprise data and cyber security. This calls for—Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) that not just enables a proactive, pre-emptive, agile, and powerful cybersecurity framework. But also allows the services utilized to change over time and periodically realigned to ensure the customer's business needs get met. In short, CSaaS is a necessary component of security strategies for 2022 and beyond.

Watch this exclusion discussion between Vijayakrishna Iyengar, AVP-IT, Bharat Fritz Werner, P Prasanna Kumar, Cybersecurity Specialist, Sophos, and Sumedha Bose, AGM - Research & Solutions, Mosaic Digital to uncover why cybersecurity as a service is the future linchpin.